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Another Amazing collab wax

I found the secret clip, true and scary, well, i liked the animations, the jokes are fun, and well, nice job to all the guys, keep the good work.

Ok, the truth his...

When i saw the beta i say "My God! this is going to be great!" since i saw very cool flashes, like emanhattan, ernestogod etc, but i saw this, and some flash were a real crap!

I know that make flash isn´t easy, but please, who the fuck made the peach and mario clip? retarded, same for the other ones, i just defend the member, emanhattan make good clips, same for ernestogod, r4mbo ( i know he is a guest),shi-guy, ject and smooth-x but come on!

Menu: The background was good, but draw stuff doesn´t convine with sprites.

Bios menu: It was pretty simple, and bad, some autors din´t show they faces and the colors were too palid!

Select scene: who think that put random squares was a good idea? cause it look pretty bad

Animax Tv: Really bad, could have lot of improvement. and same, the color are palid.

I really don´t hate the team or something, but a lot of things go wrong! i hope this doesn´t happend again. Yeah, i dind´t collaborate, cause i don´t have flash or photoshop, but, please.

Anyway, i enjoyed some clips.

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Jectoons responds:

It was awful. :(

Simple but funny

The animation was good and fluid, and the idea is funny, cause that hapend me sometimes, when i dont read the push/pull nice video.

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Just for a beta, i was impresed

I really liked the main menu, the gears in the were entretaining, the main gameplay were good, but press space for the next level it´s kinda easy and glitchy.

The interfase of the RPG were cool, but why that thing didn´t say "IMA FIRIN MAH LAZER!" Well, it was good. But, why madness stiled? You regulary make something more... original, it will be better put angry faic on it :P

Over all, Great Job Ernest

PS: Why im typing in english? cause my review maybe have a helful thing, i like that.

ErnestoGod responds:

RESPONDE EN ESPAÑOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eee i mean........... COMENTA EN ESPAÑOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was an awesome game.

How ever, when i start the game, i started as the "Secret character" who was pretty awesome, or that´s what i think, and i whant to know why that happend.
The grafics were simple, but that´s the game, everything was interesting, funny and sometimes, frustrating, anyway, nice job!

Well done! . . . For a test

I´m impresed, you normally make a crappy flash and haha just kidding, it was really nice for a test, sonic run fast but, a bit anoying, Mario "Teleport" when you face to the other side, and tabuu i guess, was... weird, i espect a lot of more stuff and etc, dont forget shadow the hedgehog, those of nintendo and Hall forgot him on brawl, anyway, see ya (I mean as a character, fighter, w/e)

Oh Yeah, also drawn caracters will be good fo fit with the not sprited background.

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It´s... beautifull

Thanks for make me know that there was a classy one, thanks.
This song rocks, this remember me when i play TLOZ:ALTTP a lot, the music is fluid and it deserve to be heared by everyone! or a lot of people. Keep the good work mate.

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CrazyCookie responds:

You're welcome.

Hmm, I'm a little disappointed that the AP was fairly slow yesterday and only got 78 listens. Oh well.

It´s Good, yeah

But you are rigth, you are better at classical, but, some test of rock won´t hurt you, do they? anyway i wonder if there is a classical stile, i don´t know, anyway, nice work CrazyCookie.

CrazyCookie responds:

Thanks, bro.

Hmmmm.... ok

The song is ok, the remix and sound combination are cool, but it could go a bit more faster, and more noice noices, heh, well, great song.

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i can translate your movies to spanish, also viceversa, i m not going to make images for you, i only desing for the team, unless you are a girl and if you sound cute :3 ... hahaha well, maybe, anyway, see my userpage

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