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New acount!

2008-08-31 19:22:26 by Xradical

Exactly! I have a new one

XradicalNG Since my xboxlive GT is that, so i change it, no more active on this acount.


2008-08-28 03:03:09 by Xradical

I was wondering if i should change my username, interesting question..

Join now! / Change name / Im the leader (Again...)

2008-08-08 23:43:44 by Xradical

That´s rigth folks! Now you can join to animax, we´re looking for great talented artist who want to shine on newgrounds and in the internet! So we are looking for:

- Good at photoshop/edit program
- Flash autors
- Voice actors (Not really necesary)
- Spriters (Yep)

Go to Rockr-x Userpage for more information.


Change name (Again...)

Also check for new names options, vote and dedice for the one that you would like.

Go and vote Here!


Im the leader

Now fear my realm of terror! Nah just kidding, lol, anyway, since im the leader now i can do anything (Ecep change the name of the team, damn you rockr-x!)

So if you have any question let me know, i want to help, if someone is bothering you, let me know

(This only apply for the team, so if you aren´t don´t come to bitch about it)

Join now! / Change name / Im the leader (Again...)

My inactivity on newgrounds...

2008-07-24 05:21:42 by Xradical

As you have already noticed ( I guess not, cause i have not much fans/firends/people who watch my userpage) I don´t have been too much on Newgrounds, why you say? ´cause i have been much on Youtube, yeah, it´s pretty easy to upload videos, since i can´t make flash, i make videos, more easy than those scrips, oh well.

I guess im going to be more active on youtube, since EVERYONE can make videos (Unless they have a weird sickes or discapacity) I hope to see my friends watch my videos, and other people too! unless they aren´t morons.

XradicalD Youtube (It have a D since that´s the original)

Xradical on Xbox360

Yes, my brother just bougth a 360 and i got to say that it´s pretty amazing, my gamertag is XradicalNG Since other were taken so i have 3 usernames (Original are 5)

My usernames

Yes 5 diferent usernames

Shadowlink01 - MSN groups
Shadowlink O2 - MSN groups ( For my new email acount)
XradicalD - First Xbox username (I steal it from my brother)
Xradical - Newgrounds (I dislike the D so i just put Xradical)
XradicalNG - Xbox360 ( Since D and normal Xrad were taken, i didn´t forget the old NewGrounds)

So, i get you next time

NOTE: I will stay on negrounds, so don´t panic, just updating and incase you want to catch me up somewere else.

Rock hero song list

2008-07-18 21:29:11 by Xradical

Rockr-x Is making a game called Rock hero, here is the song list

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Im need to inform this things.

2008-07-01 07:17:11 by Xradical

CapnChaos Youtube collab

So CapnChaos is making a Youtube collab and it´s pretty easy to enter, you need to send him a Flash movie or a video, more info on his post, click this to go there. Also i maded something for that collab, so continuing.

Rockr-X Sprite & toons collab
Since Smooth-x died, we have a new leader, he is rockr-x anyway, he is making a collab, the rules are on his Rockr-x userpage, if you know how to make flash and want to make something good, go there, follow the instruccions and don´t a crap of flash.

Thats all the News

Im need to inform this things.

2 beta gameplays

2008-06-27 20:27:07 by Xradical

Hello there! well since im not have uploaded something in a while, im going to put this two gameplay videos that i maded a while ago, yeah, the first one have one WTF believe me, you are going to get a real WTF

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Now the second one have a lot of Annotations so, maybe youtube don´t put them on embed videos so i recomend you to see the original one at youtube.

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Im updating post with an interesting stuff... i guess.

2008-06-08 19:50:15 by Xradical

I got to say, i love Xbox360! Also the wii! These 2 consoles are the best!, xbox have the best shothers, the wii have the most knowed legends and a sweet gameplay, i really dont care too much for the 3D stuff, i mean, yeah it´s necesary, but, making to realistic will be the same as real life, it will get boring, i like all the color stuff like Rare make.

Person: and the PS3?
Me: Ermm... well.. i really dont like the games of the console, i mean, yeah its good, but, i can´t handle 3 consoles and play every of them, also buy like more games for every will be damn dificult.

I love the gameplay of wii, but i would like to get archivements for the way i play and stuff.
I love to get archivements on the Xbox, but, some of them are really stupid.

Conclution: It will be awesome that Microsoft and Nintendo make something big together.

Oh, by the way, i make a vid using that new Youtube video annotations, so maybe i will stop using the subtitles of windows movie maker

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Well, the AX Aniversary is getting closer and i cant do something, why? ´cause Nick is not logged in! That bastard! haha just kiding, he is a nice guy, just that his Pc time use, is diferent from mine, so i cant catch up! oh i guess i will image something, anyway see ya.

PD: Condemned 2 bloodshot is a great game, higtly recomendable.

Animax aniversary?

2008-05-21 05:22:14 by Xradical

Well, i didnt know that there was one, anyway, looks like smooth-x will made some kind of collab, me on it? yeh... like if i know how to use flash, but anyway lets see what i can do.

Details here